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Joseph V. Imada and Grace C. Imada 
Parents of three (3) LIP children:

Hitomi Sofia C. Imada (Incoming Grade 4 student, St. Paul College Pasig, SY 2016-2017)
Kensuke John C. Imada (Incoming Grade 1 student, La Salle Greenhills, SY 2016-2017)
Yumi Bridgette C. Imada (Incoming Kinder student, St. Paul College Pasig, SY 2016-2017)

Having enrolled our three (3) children in LIP for their primary education is one of the best decisions we have made to pave the way for their academic and social development.  Though each of our children has different traits, the genuine concern and belief of the teachers and staff in the potential of each child helped boost their confidence.  Mutual respect in their uniqueness allowed them to recognize their value as individuals and as an important part of the community.  The children would always be so eager to go to school to learn something new each day through varied indoor and outdoor activities.  Being parents with busy schedules, it is quite a challenge to keep track of our children’s progress.  This is where we found an excellent partner in LIP in the past five (5) years that we have been with them, as the teachers provide constant communication in each of our children’s progress in school.  This has helped us put our focus on areas where they need a hand the most.  In LIP, we are assured of a firm foundation for our children that helped prepare them for a greater educational journey ahead.

Vanessa T. de los Reyes 
Satisfied LIP Parent since 2013 
Mother of Matteo

Our family has the pleasure of having two children attend Lincolnshire Internationale Preschool. Our daughter Sophia, is now in Kinder 1 and our son Matteo, is in Toddler Class.  We feel that LIP has provided our children with a truly rich educational, social and moral foundation.  The small class sizes and dedication of the teachers has ensured that their academic studies are at a consistently high level. The school's super fun and unique activities has enhanced my kids' talents and increased their self-confidence. The sense of community and family that the students develop has helped them to nurture lifelong friendships and a sense of belonging with their peer group.  The morality and respectful atmosphere at LIP also serves to teach our children to be polite, respectful and outstanding members of our community.  I would recommend Lincolnshire Internationale Preschool to any parent or family looking for a well-rounded educational experience for their children. I am glad I made the right choice. 

Dan & Irene Salvacion
Parents of Darren

LIP has been like a second home to our son, Darren, during the two years that he attended this school.  He loves going to school every single day and would miss his teachers and classmates whenever there is a long break from school.  Through LIP’s developmentally appropriate curriculum and very competent teachers and staff, our son sees learning as something fun and enjoyable.  LIP’s focus on reading has further enriched Darren’s love for books and stories such that he has learned not only to read books independently but also to create and write stories of his own.  All of these serve as a great foundation which we believe prepares Darren very well for his new journey to the big school.  Thank you, LIP!  

Johan Juson
Mother of Primo Juson
We have always believed in the African ssaying "It takes a village to raise a chid." Lincolnshire is part of that village.

Having a strong education support is crucial in nurturing our child. LIP's mission - Prepare, Educate, Train - is very much aligned with our goals for Primo. We are fortunate to have partnered with LIP in fostering our child under this holistic development.

LIP works hand in hand with parents in honing child's skills and talents through personal meaningful activities in and out of the classroom. Teachers and staff provide equal opportunity for each kid, and motivate them to do their best.

LIP has become a family to us. The school provides a very friendly and positive environment for everyone.

Mr. Gig de Pio
Father of Don Nikolai 

I see Lincolnshire Internationale Preschool as a unique school that has inventively dropped the more rigid academic concept of a preschool, and has adopted a more tailored and well-suited curriculum, dynamic and evolving for its very young students.

The school’s dedication to the advancement of the children can be clearly seen in its effort to create a more personalized and comprehensive assessment of my son’s progress throughout his years in school.

I would say that I had made the best decision in putting my son’s development and education in the hands of the Lincolnshire Internationale Preschool team. I would recommend any parent to do the same for their child.

Mrs. Marivic Lakhmani
Mother of Govan

In just a span of two weeks, our son Govey adjusted well in his new school. The teachers of LIP have amazing ways of making children comfortable and at ease with their new surrounding.

LIP brings out the best in each child and we appreciate how the school makes the children proud of their culture and race. My son enjoys going to school everyday. We have never a moment when he says: “I don’t want to go to school.”

Atty. Elmer Serrano
Father of Gia, Noelle and Beatrice

All of our three daughters went to Lincolnshire. At LIP, our children look forward to going to school everyday. Our children have become more confident, outgoing and well-mannered. The staff of LIP love children and are genuinely interested in each student’s personal growth.

Mrs. Barbara Bowen
Mother of Jarrod

Our son Jarrod attended LIP for 1 year. During this year he developed both academically and emotionally. Time was spent with Jarrod to ensure his reading and writing skills developed correctly and he wasn’t disadvantaged in any way for joining the school a few weeks late. My husband and I are extremely happy that our family had the opportunity to experience LIP. We cannot say or do enough to thank LIP for the start they have given Jarrod in his educational development.

Councilor & Mrs. Reynaldo San Buenaventura III
Parents of Aj, Nicolas & Angel

We have three kids. AJ (5 years old), Nico (3 years old) and Angel (2 years old). All of them started schooling as early as 1 year old but in another school. Last 2002, we learned about LIP and we transferred our first born here mid of that school year.

Though she had been with LIP for several months only, we’ve seen her improvement in terms of motor development, in attitude and in academics.

AJ is now presently enrolled in a very prestigious formal school. We owe it a lot to LIP. As with Nico and Angel, we are still entrusting them to LIP, until they are ready to enter big school

Mrs. Lou Banal
Mother of Christopher and Christian

We arrived from New Zealand with two young children. After visiting and trying a number of pre-schools, we finally found LIP. The modern and efficient method of teaching and the quality of the teaching staff have made amazing results on Christopher and Christian’s academic performance. We can say that LIP is by far, better than most pre-schools in Metro Manila We will never hesitate to recommend LIP to any parent who wants the best pre-school for their children.

Mr. Hans Cacdac
Father of Sevy

We asked our daughter why she likes LIP. She said, "It's magical." In a world of wonder and splendor, light and darkness, graces and challenges, we wish for our sweet princess to grow up embracing life with all its beauty and imperfection. We're happy LIP becomes her adventurous learning nest, her launching pad that sets her on a wide-eyed journey -- wanting and loving more of what's up ahead.

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LIP uses the Developmentally Appropriate Practice Approach to learning espoused by the National Association for the Education of Young Children in the U.S.A. and Britain.