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Our History
The idea of setting up an exemplary preschool program with an International Standard of Education in the Philippines began in the year 1997.  It was not until  September 12, 2001 when Lincolnshire Internationale Preschool formally opened its doors to 4 children in the Toddler level.  The name Lincolnshire was derived from the University of Lincolnshire & Humberside in the United Kingdom where the original founders met, and after only 3 years of providing excellent educational service, the school was granted Government Recognition by the Department of Education in 2004.  

Early childhood education plays an important role in the future academic success of the children.  With this, the school continued to build a world-class institution by strengthening its academic program, developed a stronger curriculum and continued to improve its facilities.

Throughout the school’s history, it has been helping children not only achieve their maximum potential but have also been helping children with special needs through its mainstreaming program.  The special care, attention and nurturing given to the children have allowed many of them to move on to the big schools ready and capable of handling the challenges they face. 

Inspired by this success and the growing demand for a program that will serve the specific needs of special children; the school opened its first special education program in 2010 as an alternative for parents whose children may need more attention than mainstreaming.

The school does not only provide world-class education but also to PREPARE, EDUCATE and TRAIN them for life’s future challenges. 

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LIP uses the Developmentally Appropriate Practice Approach to learning espoused by the National Association for the Education of Young Children in the U.S.A. and Britain.